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We would like to introduce Fly High Holidays as a customer – oriented organization established with the object of furthering the cause of an indigenous Travel Industry. The company’s main trust is to build enduring professional relationship through its service standards. We offer a large range of International and Domestic services like Package tours, Hotel reservations, ticketing, passport and visa assistance.We also arrange for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) segment of tourism. We cater to such corporate programs and tailor make them to suit the clients requirements in any part of the world.

Best Travel Agency in Kolkata

Traveling is the dream of so many people. But some of them make the dream come true by getting out of their home. If you are one of those open-minded people, you need to contact the best Travel Agency in Kolkata, which is Fly High Holiday. We are the best International Travel Agent in Kolkata, who makes sure your dream of traveling the world comes true with us. We are the top travel agency in the City of Joy that offers cost-effective rates for international tours. No other company in this city offers packages like us, and you will always get the best services from us, wherever you decide to travel. Other than international, we also offer services of Domestic Travel Agent in Kolkata. If you are interested in visiting the beautiful places of India, we will be your guide. Let us accompany you on the tours from Kashmir to Kerala, and you will receive high-quality service from us only.

India is a country of wonders. You will get snow-clad mountains, deserts, forests, seas, and an ocean. Travel opportunities are endless when you consider domestic touring. If you have decided to travel a bit closer to home, you can try the Fly High Holidays Shimla Manali tour package from Kolkata. Let’s talk about how to find the best travel agency in Kolkata and more.

To find the best domestic travel agency you won’t have to venture far, because we at Fly High Holiday will be your guide for all the best places in India. All you have to do is to contact us, and we will tell you about our tours.

You can look for other travel agencies too, but you will not find the same facilities as us. Also, when you compare the cost, you will find Fly High Holiday is the best option. Our main features are that we will keep you in the top hotels, provide sightseeing in luxurious vehicles, offer drop and pick-up services, and add a personal guide for the entire tour. For these reasons, we have the top place as a travel agency in Kolkata. Let’s talk about some of our domestic tours in India.

  • Shimla tour package:

    We at Fly High Holiday offer a Shimla tour package from Kolkata. If you look at our official website you will get various packages on this tour with a full itinerary. With us, you will get to visit the beautiful Shimla, the mountains, the famous Buddhist shrines, and spend some days in the middle of Himalayan nature. We also offer a Manali tour in this package; you just have to get in touch with us to know more about the options.

  • Andaman Tour:

    To venture a bit far, but within the country, you must never miss the Andaman tour. We offer the best Andaman tour package from Kolkata, with variations in days. You have to choose the package you want and start the journey. We will be your guide in the Andaman Islands, you will get to see the historical Cellular Jail, get acquainted with the culture of the people there, taste the delicious cuisine from this part of India, and much more. At last, you will come home with lots of fun memories.

  • Travel Kashmir:

    You must travel to Paradise on Earth once in your lifetime, which is Kashmir. We at Fly High Holiday offer five, six, and nine days tour packages, and you can choose from any of these to travel with us. With our Kashmir tour package from Kolkata, you will get to visit mesmerizing places in Kashmir and fall in love with nature.

  • Kerala Tour:

    God’s Own Country Kerala, should be on your list when you are planning a domestic tour with us. We offer the best Kerala tour packages from Kolkata, and you will get six and four nights packages with us. Go to our website to know more about the packages and the itinerary.

  • Goa tour:

    Let’s have some fun and beach days with us in our goa tour package from Kolkata. We offer three; four, and five nights packages for Goa and Mumbai both, and you will never forget this journey you will make with us.

International travel agencies in Kolkata and how to find the best international travel agency in Kolkata:

International travels are very fascinating. You not only get to visit the beautiful yet unknown world, but you gather the memories of those places and days you spend in that country. To make your holiday memorable, you must book your tours with Fly High Holiday. We are the one-stop destination for the amazing international holidays that you have dreamed of all these years. Let’s know about some places we offer with our packages.

  • Malaysia tour:

    We at Fly High Holiday offer the best Malaysia tour package from Kolkata. Check out the website and you will see that we provide five and seven days packages. You will get the entire itinerary and travel schedule from the pages. You just have to trust us with your international getaways, and we will never disappoint you.

  • Dubai tour:

    This year, let’s travel to the country of oil and riches, which is Dubai. You must have seen the pictures of the beautiful skyscrapers that adorn the skies of the pristine Arabian city, now it’s time to visit those places with our Dubai tour package from Kolkata. You will love to spend some days in this amazing city and we will provide the best accommodation and sightseeing to you for the entire tour. Contact us to know more about this tour.

  • Bhutan tour:

    Bhutan is the closest country to India, and you need to visit this place with our Bhutan tour package from Kolkata. We offer six and five-night packages for Bhutan, and you will love to visit the beautiful Buddhist monasteries and the Himalayas with us. We at Fly High Holiday offer the best destination to satiate your wanderlust.

  • Nepal tour:

    If you have been to Bhutan, or planning to visit, you need to opt for Nepal first. The land of Buddha, and the Himalayas will encourage you to stay some more days in Nepal, and for that, we offer our Nepal tour package from Kolkata. We at Fly High Holiday offer five and six nights packages in Nepal, and during these days you will visit Pashupatinath Temple, Pokhara, and many more. You will love this entire tour with us, as we provide the best arrangements and touring for you. Contact us to know more about the Nepal tour.

  • Singapore tour:

    Pack your bags and let’s go on a journey with us to Singapore. We at Fly High Holiday offer the perfect Singapore tour package from Kolkata. You have to visit our official page to know more about the tour and the itinerary.

  • Bali tour:

    Want to spend some days on the beaches and want to visit the Borobudur temple? Then you need to contact us for our Bali tour package from Kolkata. We offer the perfect tour in Bali and you will love to spend some days in that beautiful country with our top-class touring arrangements.

  • Thailand tour:

    Your dream of traveling to Thailand will come true with our Thailand tour package from Kolkata. We offer four and six nights packages with Fly High Holiday, and we will take care of your accommodation, sightseeing, and much more during the tour. You will love this tour with us and would want to book us for your next tour with us only. Know more about the Thailand package from our official website.

Best Tour operators in Kolkata

If you love to travel, then your touring agency should be Fly High Holiday. We are the one-stop solution for domestic and international travels from Kolkata. If you want to spend some days away from the hustle-bustle of daily life, you need to go on a holiday, and we are the best choice for that. All you have to do is to check our official page, and you will find every detail on various tours. So, why wait? Contact us now.